Expert Opposes Federal AI Agency Amid Momentum

Expert argues against federal AI agency despite growing momentum for idea on Capitol Hill

People need to change how they're thinking about regulating artificial intelligence, according to a prominent expert in the field, who pushed back on an idea gaining traction among lawmakers to create a new government agency to regulate AI.

Expert Opposes Federal AI Agency Amid Momentum
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"Regulation is a really hard question," Andres Sawicki, a professor of law and director of the business of innovation, law, and technology (BILT) concentration at the University of Miami, told Fox News Digital. "The topic of AI is too big to be handled in one big coherent manner."

Rather than tackling AI in a sweeping, comprehensive way, Sawicki recommend a more pragmatic, piecemeal approach.
Think about concrete things that AI is impacting — for example, copyright and patent issues," he said. "Look specifically and concretely at effects the technology is having, the impact of AI on this or that issue. There shouldn't be a Department of AI to handle this in one big swoop."


Sawicki's comments come as the idea of a new regulatory agency specifically for AI is gaining momentum on Capitol Hill. Last month, for example, Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., proposed legislation that would create a new federal agency to regulate AI. 

Days before Bennet's proposal, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testified to a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the need for government oversight of AI technologies. At the same hearing, multiple senators from both parties supported the idea of a federal AI agency to regulate the transformative technology.
Source: FOX News

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